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welcome to heritage cleaning

Through the use of DOFF® and ThermaTech® super heated water systems along with Jos/TORC® and jos/VORTECH® systems, Scotland based Heritage cleaning provide a simple and natural service to some of the most historic and prestigious buildings in the country. The solution we deliver guarantees your property will be cleaned to the highest of standards, and we never leave a single client unsatisfied.

Our in-house team of experts are trained in using these systems to the highest standard, and so regardless of the size or nature of your property, we're certain to leave you stunned at the professional job we perform. Whether it's a commercial office, a private residence or even a listed building, we understand how important it is that you see positive results in a timely manner and get exactly what you pay for. We aim to provide a completely hassle free process that places little strain on you or your employee s. That's just one of the reasons why we're recommended by some of the most up market clients that use this kind of service.

The equipment we use to perform these jobs is at the cutting edge, and our staff have to undergo a considerable amount of training. When it comes to cleaning the exterior of your property, we combine low-pressure with high temperature to ensure all dirt and grime deposits are removed without causing damage to the stone or brick. Our techniques have been developed through years of experience, which means we know how to deliver the kind of service you expect.

Everyone employed by us takes special care when cleaning properties, so you can rest assured the job we perform will be better than you would find elsewhere. Here at Heritage Cleaning we guarantee that all our equipment is safe to use, and all our staff are capable of understanding your needs.